IEXGeld interviewt Friet op Wielen

The media is now also discovering Friet op Wielen. After we were in the movie  Hitman’s Bodyguard  , the writing press also finds us. They can probably appreciate that we bake delicious organic fries in responsible sunflower oil. For example, we were interviewed last week by the website   that is part of the IEX Media Group.

They interviewed four good entrepreneurs from the Netherlands about the economy and that from the perspective of the entrepreneurs. We with Friet on Wheels were in good company with a flower seller, an owner of an employment agency with technical staff and an owner of a cafe.


We told all four how we experience the Dutch economy so many years after the crisis. The catering industry was struggling a bit in the years after the banking crisis, but the owner of the café also noticed that the economy was revived. She noticed that especially in the return of corporate drinks. Many companies no longer organized company drinks or did very soberly on the company itself.

We at Friet op Wielen also notice that companies are doing well again. We now have a number of company parties every week and without advertising. Companies also love a quality fries and a nice organic croquette or frikandel. There is something for vegetarians and people who love meat.

Quality is becoming increasingly important and companies like to have just a little more for organic fries that have been hand cut and beautiful organic croquettes and frikandels with quality meat from the butcher.

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